Terms Of Service

  • Birds will not be released at night (must be at least two hours prior to sunset). We will not release the birds at indoor events, and we do not ship birds for self-release. The birds will not be released if there is any danger to their safety. This includes loose animals or overhead wires (at the discretion of Pirrone White Dove Release ).
  • Event date and time must be scheduled at least 1 month in advance and must be agreed upon by Pirrone White Dove Release.
  • Release must take place within 45 minutes of scheduled time.
  • If the release is cancelled by Pirrone White Dove Release due to inclement weather or other act of nature, the person named on the invoice will be entitled to the cash value of the amount paid. If a deposit is taken and Pirrone White Dove Release has canceled due to inclement weather or any other reason such as safety of the birds a full refund will be given to the person who is named on the invoice. A "cancellation" will not be refunded if the deposit/payment is made and the event is within 30 days of the cancellation date.